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About Fun Labs

Fun Labs was started from a simple PFP collection Retro Boyz Association, which had no utility at all. But guess what? It's grown to something huge now!
Fun Labs contains 5 projects inside at the moment, all of them on BNB Chain. These are Retro Boyz, Ugliens, BNB Riot, The WIlly, and Retro Joints.
As well as Fun Labs Passes were issued to Retro Boyz holders (they were able to claim them for free in short 48 hours time period). Passes open for your access to allowlists, discounts, collabs, and more.
Now you can learn about Roadmap, Statistics, Quests, or check Brand Kit. And learn new info in Fun School, for sure!


The goal is simple and easy to read by the project name — Fun. We are all here to have good times, we try to not associate crypto with stress, losses, and daily floor price routine. This will come if you have a good community. This is what we are trying to grow here.

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